The public sector is different…

Fedblueprint is all about delivering results to the public sector. By combining world class software ( with our proven approach to solving federal enterprise portfolio management and enterprise architecture problems we can provide rapid answers to the questions you need answers every day.

Enterprise Portfolio Management in 90 days 

We know that now more than ever before every budget dollar needs to be properly allocated. We can help assess what you have. What’s needed? What’s not needed? And if you don’t need it, provide a plan to help you get rid of it quickly and safely. And we can answer those questions for you real fast.

The Troux solution is built around 150 questions which provide executives with a strategic, 360 degree view of your IT landscape in the in the context of your business. We build on that core to meet the unique requirements of the federal mission. The missing piece is your data. Our approach steps you through this process.

We understand that while you currently do have a level of visibility into your IT resources, we find with most of our customers that data is siloed and typically resides in office automation tools like Excel, Visio or PowerPoint.  These tools are no longer adequate when it comes to ensuring data currency, accuracy and strategic decision-making.  What we’ve done is put together a team of people who are very good at leveraging what you already have, discerning where the gaps are and pulling missing information to consolidate it into one single view. Contact us today to learn how!